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Lubber’s Hole

A couple of tracks from Lubber’s Hole album

Johnny Come Down to Hilo
Trawling Trade

Futtock Shrouds

A couple of tracks from Futtock Shrouds album.

Waiting for the Day
One More Day

Reviews – Futtock Shrouds

“She Shanties again seem to have struck that enviable balance between committed and respectful performance and having a whale of a time (i.e. massive fun) while completely engaging their listeners. The 12 tracks on this CD cover the gamut of favourite shanties and songs of the sea, all sung out with abundant gusto and brio. What’s not to like?”

David Kidman, Living Tradition read the full review

“She Shanties, with this album, have marked their spot as the premier a capella women’s shanty group in the world.”

Jack Gonzo, Scoundrel’s Inn read the full review

“This is what folk is all about – a group of women with a shared passion for singing songs, getting together to make music with their voices and have some fun.”

Richard Catton, EFDSS Magazine.

“The She Shanties… A no nonsense group, they introduce themselves in a wonderfully direct style, ‘we’re women, we sing shanties’ and they do it very well indeed. They are twelve in the line-up and they’re each a good singer in heir own right… the result is an album of real quality where every voice can be separately heard and the lyrics are crystal clear.”

Tony Birch Fatea Magazine read the full review

Spanker Boom

The Diamond
Rio Grande

Reviews – Spanker Boom  

‘…a fine set of shanties sung by a crew of women. It’s a fresh fair wind and a steer by the stars that takes an entirely different look at a great heritage – and makes a thoroughly good job of it.
The 12 voices whether lead or chorus, complement each other, the harmonies well-blended, the fit close and tight… this is an album that will engage and delivers as promised’
Folkwords – Tim Carroll – read the full Review.
‘…the sort of ambience and live feel of what you’d hear if you were sat in the same room. The seven songs are packed into just over twenty minutes; nothing outstays its welcome and they’ve chosen a strong set of songs, each accompanied by its own background and narrative… it’s good to see someone else breaking into the domain, female voices especially. That their opportunities for hauling away and splicing the main brace might have been limited back in the day certainly doesn’t affect how well they can sing the songs now’
Bright Young Folk – Mike Ainscoe – read the full Review.
‘…an all female unaccompanied group. They sing with verve and enthusiasm, in a style that reflects the physical strength that mariners on sailing ships would have expounded. Their joy in being able to sing these songs is conveyed to the listener’
EDS – Jacqueline Patten
‘…I think She Shanties do a grand job in striking a wonderfully fresh balance between ebullience and enterprise, conveying both the energy of the driven worksong and the natural harmonising potential of the material… Though but a short haul, Spanker Boom is a brilliant taster for this ensemble, of whom I look forward to hearing more’
Living Tradition – David Kidman – read the full Review.
‘…She Shanties are a 12 piece women’s shanty crew who… obviously enjoy a good sing.
On this CD there are strong leads… and it sounds as though they shared out the job of shanty woman. The responses are belted out in pleasing and infectious fashion.
Listening to the CD was a relatively short voyage but I think we will see and hear more of She Shanties’
Stirrings – Mike Wild

Videos of She Shanties

Freyja leads Essequibo River at The Queen’s Hall in Hexham May 2023
Video by William Price
Kate leads Sugar in the Hold in The Queen’s Hall in Hexham May 2023
Video by William Price
Ruth leads Mrs McGrath at The Queen’s Hall in Hexham May 2023
Video by William Price
Ruthie leads One More Day at The Queen’s Hall in Hexham May 2023
Video by William Price
Eilish leads Shawneetown at The Queen’s Hall in Hexham May 2023
Video by William Price
Eilish leads Hog Eye Man at Stoller Hall 2021
Cath leads Old Moke at Stoller Hall 2021
Sadie leads Sam’s Gone Away at Stoller Hall 2021
Bekka leads Bound Down Trinidad at Stoller Hall 2021
Esther leads Sally Brown at The Michel Pinc Stage Paimpol 2019