We only got together in Whitby back in 2011 for a session but soon realised we had
something a bit special.

We are eleven women drawn together by the love of a right good sing.  We’ve sung at festivals around the UK and Europe, on boats, in a lighthouse, in churches and in a surprising number of women’s toilets… but we probably like beer tents the best.

In 2015, we released our EP, Spanker Boom. We called it that in the firm belief that the Spanker Boom was officially the most amusing part of the ship. How wrong we were. 2018 saw the release of our first full length album, Futtock Shrouds. The adventure (and the search for amusingly named bits of ships) continues.

She Shanties are: Bekka Bojanowski, Cath Tyler, Eilish Ferry-Kennington, Esther Ferry-Kennington, Freyja Boycott-Garnett, Kate Gessey, Rachel Hamer, Ruthie Boycott-Garnett, Ruth Price, Sadie Greenwood and Sally Gall.

Photo by Rose Bibby